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Your job is to service our client during the meeting.

it’s a very important job. and people say women have no place in the office. hehe


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Sexy Nylons

Wow! I ❤️ her sexy style and shiny black stockings that fit on the thighs,💋💋💋💋💋







I called and told her that I was finishing work early.
“Would you like me to come over now or should I just come over later, as planned?”, I asked.
“Well if you come over now, you get to spend more time with me, Sir. I’d really love that”, she said.
She really did love it. Showed me as soon as I walked through the door.





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This is an elite-level skill for a good girl and one that is the hardest for any girl to master successfully, due to her natural self-involvement and deep-seated need for attention.

When properly internalized, however, it is one of the most significant gifts of love and caring that a girl can give to her Man, one of the most devoted forms of service that a girl can perform for her Man.

No Man is made of stone. There are moments in His life where He may be contending with the weight of His responsibilities, suffering from sadness, struggling with doubt, or indulging in deep contemplation of matters that may be beyond a girl’s capacity to even recognize.

There will be a time for you to provide nurture and comfort to Him. He may tell you what He needs from you when He is ready. And if you know Him well, He will not have to tell you how to be of help to Him at that moment. Certainly if He trusts you enough, He may unburden Himself to you even though you will have no answers for Him, in the way you might talk to your golden retriever.

But. In the meantime, be there for Him but be imperceptible. Fade into the background. Erase yourself. Do not bother Him with whatever trifle you may be troubled by, whatever need you think you may have. Do not interrupt His internal monologue with the sound of your voice chattering away at His peace of mind. Simply be, where He feels your presence and love but is aware of no more than that.

This is what a good girl does for her Man in these moments.

such wise words. (i might have found a new tumblr crush ❤️)

Men are awesome beings but they are not flawless and all mighty. They need our help just like we need theirs. A good girl knows when to act and when to step back. Sometimes the best thing we can do is be silent. But whatever we do, we need to radiate love, make the people around us feel that we care, that we are there to help Him and that He will always come first, no matter what.


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Making love to his cock.

A blowjob is not just any job. Sucking cock is not just putting our mouths around a throbbing dick, it is about showing appreciation, showing love, worshipping our god.

It is about making love to a cock. Sucking a Sir`s cock is the most intimate we can be with each other. Each lick, each suck, each touch with our tongues should convey the awe and the submission we feel towards our Sirs.


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There is only one way to greet a Sir.

When your Sir comes home from work or shopping or wherever, you should drop to your knees and give him a nice blowjob. Men shake hands, girls hug but when a girl and Sir greet each other, a quick blowjob is the way to go.

Blowjobs are one of the most underused things in this world. Blowjobs make men happy and happy men make girls happy. Men need this to really relax and you can make a super first impression on him. Don`t be afraid, hardly any man will deny you if you ask nicely for a blowjob. And believe me, afterwards, they like you a whole bunch more.

And with your Owner, remember to greet him with a blowjob. It`s just the polite thing to do and more importantly, he learns to associate you with a blowjob and whenever he thinks of you, he will think of your blowjob skills. Sirs can be trained as well, use this to your advantage 🙂