bcrude: Alice knew to expect something out of the ordinary from…


Alice knew to expect something out of the ordinary from Mr. Crude when he took her out to dinner, but didn’t know exactly what. In the past he’d taken away her panties before going into a restaurant or taken them away after they got inside, fingered her while at their table, followed her into the ladies room and fucked her in a stall, and forced her to give him a blow job beside his car, among other things. But tonight, he was in the mood for some spur of the moment anal sex and practically raped her as she was about to get into her car.

It came as a total surprise, but after the initial shock was over, Alice just played along as if she didn’t like it. Truth be told, she always put a little lube inside her ass hole whenever she was planning to be with him, so it wasn’t like a real rape. Plus, she enjoyed a good, hard ass fuck as much as anybody, even in a place where she might be seen.

The one difference this time was that somehow he managed to pull out before cumming. He held the leg opening of her panties out and shot his entire load of cum into the crotch and then let the panties snap into place. He wiped off his cock on the outside of her panties making sure to rub in the sticky cream. and then he pulled her out of the car, forced her to her knees and made her suck him clean.

Looking down at her as she greedily sucked out the remaining cum he said, “Not much of a struggle, slut. You’re getting a spanking when we get back to your place.”

As if her panties weren’t already wet enough, hearing that she would be getting a spanking that night just made them worse.